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This Year's Entertainment

Jared Rogerson

Encompassed by open ranges vast enough to satisfy the most restless spirit, the American West has been recognized as an icon of opportunity for centuries. Among the picturesque landscapes, traditions were born by courageous men and women who traversed a rugged terrain that offered new opportunity. Though we are far from the time when a good horse was fast transportation, the influence of yesteryear persists still today.  Having grown up in the modern west, Jared Rogerson  is the product of a generation learning to thrive in midst of ever changing surroundings.

Watch this video about Jared!

Jared has certainly been influenced by a variety of musical styles. “When you’re rodeoing, you spend most of the time just driving and listening to the radio. It didn’t matter what it was, as long as it kept you awake.” The resulting line-up of some of his all time favorite artists includes George Strait, Brad Paisley, Steve Earle, Lucinda Williams, Bob Dylan, and the Grateful Dead. “Oh, and Bon Jovi.”

Despite his broad spectrum of musical tastes, there is one artist that has undoubtedly influenced Jared Rogerson’s life and music most- Chris LeDoux. “I’ve always gone back to his music. It really shaped who I am today.” More recently, Jared has discovered the music of similar artists such as Brenn Hill. Jared credits Chris LeDoux for, “clearing trail for artists like us to have a place for our songs.”

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The Chugwater Band

The Chugwater Band are a Rocky Mountain Country Band. They are a group of seasoned entertainers that has been electrifying audiences coast to coast and border to border as well as Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, Denmark, Finland, and even on The Grand Ole Opry.

Chugwater Band

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They are pictured left to right: James Harris (percussion), Shane Rogers (Bass guitar), Will Rogers, (Lead & Steel guitar), Eric Vehrs (guitar).


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The Libby Creek Original

The Rocky Mountains have always been filled with wonder. They were wild and dangerous. Wide-open and free. And Wyoming never changed. From the Snowy Range Mountains flows the Libby Creek Original. Delicate arrangements and precise vocal harmonies give energy to this band and carry crowds into dance induced enlightenment. Please come join us soon.

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Band Members: Patrick Harrington, Luke Woodbury, Jackson Clarendon, Sean Francis

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Meadowlark Celtic Trio

Meadowlark plays an eclectic blend of traditional Irish, Scottish fiddle tunes, sea chanties, & elegant dance tunes with a driving Celtic style, including a growing repertoire of tunes composed by their own Tim Macomber. They have two speeds; fast and pretty. They add a fourth member for Contra dances, and have earned a reputation as one of the top Contra Dance bands on the front range.


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They are pictured left to right: Tim Macomber (Mandolin, Bouzouki), Holly Williams (hammered dulcimer, with lapses into Bodhran and Lap (Mountain) Dulcimer), and Richard Jones (Fiddle, and sometimes Bodhran and Cello).

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